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F1 news Ferrari: results of season

In 2018, Ferrari was very close to the long-awaited victory in the World Cup, but for several reasons it was not possible to succeed. The development of the SF71-H was started quite early, despite the struggle until the end of the season in 2017 Ferrari has enough resources to work with two costly projects. The same was done in Mercedes – one season of intense opposition turned into another.

The stakes at Ferrari are always high, the goal can be only one – the team made conclusions on the basis of the season and tried to close the weaknesses of the car. In the winter tests Ferrari drivers more often than others led the protocol – Sebastian Vettel even updated the track record in Barcelona. Ferrari SF71-H drove a great distance – the car was fast and reliable. The German confidently won the first two races, immediately creating a gap in the championship – before the third stage in Shanghai, he was 17 points ahead of Hamilton – and this was the biggest advantage of Ferrari during the season.

In China, Vettel lost points after the incident with Verstappen – in the fight for the third place the cars collided and the riders spun. The next two races were won by Hamilton – and before the summer break, the fight was almost equal. The advantage passed from one team to another, everything was decided by tenths, and sometimes everything was determined by the temperature and configuration of the track. In the Ferrari and Mercedes conducted an active “arms race”, not only modifying the cars for each Grand Prix, but carefully monitoring the actions of each other – during the season more than once sounded suspicions of violation of the rules.

Motorists have made serious progress – for the first time after the transition to hybrid turbo engines, Mercedes power plants not only did not have a decisive advantage, but at some points even slightly gave way. At the Red Bull Ring, at Silverstone, Hockenheim, Hungaroring and Monza, the Mercedes cars lost Ferrari only on the straight from 0.3 to 0.5 seconds. Opponents suspected the team in violation of technical regulations – in excess of the power taken from the batteries.

In Baku, according to GPS, rivals saw that at some point in the qualification of the machine they added 20 forces. There were rumors that Ferrari was being taken from the batteries – there were two of them on the SF71-H – more power than allowed. The FIA ​​asked Ferrari to change the software of the power plant to ensure compliance with the rules. At the Austrian stage, the rivals recorded that Ferrari cars add speed to the second third of the long straight line, where acceleration is possible only by increasing the power of the internal combustion engine. In the FIA ​​put additional sensors that control fuel consumption, and the red car lost the advantage on the straight and became slower in turns. Then in Scuderia they confirmed the installation of the sensors, but denied their connection with the reduction in speed, and did not recognize the fact of the reduction.

In the summer, after a small planned operation, Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne unexpectedly fell into a coma and died suddenly. The team lost a strong leader who, with its authority, did not allow the conflict between the leader Maurizio Arrivabene and technical director Mattia Binotto to flare up. From Binotto demanded constant progress – more than in Mercedes. The desire in any way to achieve a quick increase in speed forced the engineers to put untested solutions – and led the team away. In the Ferrari were confident that they are ahead of rivals in the pace of technical progress, but while the Mercedes was steadily added, they stopped developing at Ferrari for several weeks.

Another factor was the unforced errors of Vettel. In China, the German collided with Verstappen; in Baku he missed the victory after the unsuccessful attack on Bottas. Then he lost his position at the start in Austria because of the Sainz incident, crashed into Hamilton in Monza and in Bottas in Paul Ricard, flew in the rain in Hockenheim, made reversals after contacts in Suzuka and Austin. In Singapore, Vettel called himself his main rival in the fight for the title – and continued to make mistakes. Against the backdrop of an immaculate season by Hamilton, Sebastian missed a lot of points for his fault.

In Mexico, I had to admit defeat – Lewis won the title ahead of time, and at the end of the season he was ahead of Sebastian by an incredible 84 points – despite the fact that in the summer, many called Ferrari a favorite. In the Constructors’ Championship, the struggle continued a little longer, but her fate was also sealed. Kimi Raikkonen adequately spent the season, finished it in third place in the individual competition, losing only to the leaders of the championship race, and ended his career in Ferrari.

On the account of the Finn until the last pole, the last victory and the last title of the Scuderia – in 2019, he will play for Sauber, where in the spring passed the chief designer of Ferrari Simone Rest. After the end of the season, Ferrari did not make hasty conclusions and did not fire anyone yet – the new president, John Elkann, is trying to pay off the internal conflict and set up the team in a positive way, because not only a fast car is needed to fight Mercedes. The next season’s young partner, Sebastian Vettel’s partner, will be Charles Leclaire, a young one who is very interested. According to rumors, engineers are optimistic about the results of blowing a new car in a wind tunnel. But to win at the end of a long season, Ferrari needs not only speed, but also cohesion and stability, because Mercedes has no problems with that. Continuing the struggle of the two strongest teams will be tense and very interesting.

A resignation was prepared in Ferrari after the failed season

The head of the team of Formula 1 Ferrari Maurizio Arrivabene will be dismissed from his post. His successor will be the current technical director of the Italian team, Mattia Binotto. In the Ferrari denied possible personnel changes after the 2018 season, however, it is believed that team owner John Elkann has already decided to appoint a new leader, according to

The decision to replace Arrivabene was influenced by his mistakes in the management of the team, which became a key factor in the defeat of Mercedes in the Constructors’ Championship. Also the head could not avoid conflicts between the racers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. Last season Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen took 2nd and 3rd place in the overall standings, respectively. But in the Constructors’ Championship, the Italian team had to be content with second place, losing the championship to Mercedes.

They could not resist: Ferrari will release a crossover in four years

First, Ferrari says they will not increase circulation in order to preserve the exclusivity of the brand. Later it turns out that growth is twofold. They then say that the crossover is not consistent with the brand’s philosophy. And in parallel announce the release of an SUV and how after this to believe the manufacturers?

The newly baked head of Ferrari, Luis Karey Camilleri at the annual meeting of shareholders revealed the timing of the appearance of the first crossover brand in the history, called Purosangue (translated from Italian, the word means “purebred”). Camilleri tries to avoid and argues that the future model Ferrari does not have anything in common with crossovers, therefore the abbreviation SUV means in his words Sport Utility Vehicle. In 2022 it will be “a powerful, spacious and versatile car, the best in its segment.” Purosangue will be equipped with a hybrid power plant based on the V6, as well as 60 percent of Ferrari supercars produced in 2022.

Why Ferrari crossover? It’s simple: an increase in sales. With that, we can confidently say – multiple. Also told that in the period from 2019 to 2022, Ferrari will release 15 new models. They will be divided into four families: Sport, GT, Special Series and Icona. Double supercars will enter the sports line, cars with a 2 + 2 seating formula will be in the GT family, unique models like the Monza SP1 and SP2 will become part of the Icona line.

Schumacher’s son officially became a member of Scuderia Ferrari

German rider Mick Schumacher officially joined the Scuderia Ferrari team. He announced this on his Twitter page. The athlete enthusiastically writes about what happened, and as a confirmation posted an official letter. According to him, Ferrari is not only part of his life, but also the life of his family. “I am delighted with the fact that I became part of the team. I will do everything to fulfill my dream of getting into Formula 1 (F1),” a 19-year-old racer wrote.

The son of the seven-time world champion Formula 1, Michael Schumacher, became the champion in the Formula 3 category last season. In the upcoming season, he will compete in Formula 2. In December 2013, his father suffered a serious head injury on the ski slope in France, which greatly affected his health. After almost a year, the relatives were allowed to transport Schumacher to the villa, where he is undergoing rehabilitation treatment. Very little information is available on his health. So, in the middle of December 2018, it was reported that the former race driver feels much better. He can breathe on his own, but needs constant care. Next to him are constantly on duty doctors and physiotherapists.